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Who we are

buyBTCnow is a cryptech company focused on online digital currency payments in a fast, safe and easy way, anywhere in the world. We believe that we can achieve this along with our engineers who are continually optimising and expanding buyBTCnow’s service to strengthen its position as one of the world's leading retail exchange for cryptocurrencies.

What we offer is a fully automated platform: As soon as the payment is confirmed, the Bitcoins or other cryptocurrencies are automatically sent to the buyers. This technique allows us to provide our customers with the best and fastest service in the business.

How we are regulated

The buyBTCnow micro exchanger owned by Bloktron OU is in submission of retrieving its Cryptocurrency Exchange License from the Estonian Financial Supervision Authority.

Where to find us

Our headquarter is based in K. Kärberi tn 14-25, 13812, Tallinn, Estonia.

Have a question? Want to talk? Let’s spark up a conversation. Drop us a line on, or call us at +372 660 0128, and we’ll be in touch.