Terms and Conditions

This Agreement is entered into by and between:

buyBTCnow property of Bloktron OÜ with its registered office at K. Karberi tn 14-25, Lasnamd City District, Harju County Tallinn, 3812, Estonia (hereinafter referred to as the “Company”, “us”, or “we”) on the one part and The Client (you) who has registered for an account with the Company and purchased funds on the other part.

The Company will provide the Services covered by this Agreement, through its electronic system via the application (hereinafter called the “the Application”).

Operation address of the Company is Tartu mnt 84A, 10112, Tallinn, Estonia.

The Client confirms that he/she has read, understood and accepted all information, conditions and terms set out on the Company’s website www.buybtcnow.com (hereinafter referred to as the “Website”). The Company reserves the right to register and operate other website(s) for identifying suitable opportunities and creating consumer interest and awareness towards the Services to specific countries, which contain information and disclosures to the Clients and prospective clients in a foreign language.

The Company may provide all company documents in languages other than English for informational purposes only. Any translations provided do not bind the Company legally and the Company is not responsible for the accuracy of the information therein. The Client should also refer to the Website in English for information on the Company and its policies.

By accepting this Agreement, the Client agrees and accepts the terms and conditions contained in the Agreement, its Annexes and/or Appendices as well as other documentation/information on the Website. The Client accepts this Agreement by registering a Trading Account on the Application and depositing funds. By accepting the Agreement, the Client enters into a legal and binding agreement with the Company.

The terms of this Agreement shall be considered accepted unconditionally by the Client upon the Company’s receipt of a purchase made by the Client in accordance with this Agreement. As soon as the Company receives the Client’s funds, every operation made by the Client on the Application shall be subject to the terms of this Agreement and other documentation/information on the Website.

Subject to the Company’s final approval and upon the Client funding his account, the Client enters into a legal and binding contract with the Company.

By accepting this current agreement, the Client confirms that they are able to receive information, including amendments to the present agreement either via email, on the Application or through the Website.

In case a Client wishes to have a printed Agreement, duly signed and stamped by the Company, the Client must download from the website at www.buybtcnow.com the Agreement, complete and send two signed copies of the Agreement to the Company, indicating the Client postal address and a countersigned copy will be sent back to specified address.

WHEREAS the Client wants to make use of the Services provided by the Company, having agreed to the terms and conditions stated herein and completed the Client’s information required to activate the Account.

When you purchase bitcoin with buyBTCnow, you agree to the following terms and conditions:

The service

  1. You are about to purchase digital goods (only bitcoin) without a fixed value. When purchasing, you agree to the value of the bitcoin as determined by buyBTCnow at that moment in time. Any mining costs or commissions are deducted and the price is the amount you will receive in your specified wallet address.
  2. You are aware of the fact that the value of the purchase can fluctuate considerably. There is no guarantee for any value retention in the future.
  3. Your purchased bitcoin will be delivered in-chain to an address entered by you. Although we guarantee this transaction to initiate within seconds, we have no further influence of the further handling of the transaction by the network and the miners . Please contact our support in the rare event that your purchase is not received after 24 hours in your specified address.
  4. Bitcoin exchange rates are subject to fluctuations. We recalculate the final amounts (in euros and bitcoin) until the payment procedure is initiated which will appear in your payment order overview when you make your actual payment.
  5. A bitcoin transaction is irreversible. Once your payment is initiated, it cannot be undone. Entering in the correct information (destination bitcoin address, amount of bitcoin and euros) is your sole responsibility.
  6. You can only enter a bitcoin address of which you have access to (from your wallet). However, if you do use a third party bitcoin address without our consent (of a shop or any other 3rd party) our responsibility is limited to the actual purchase of that initial bitcoin amount to you and not any further. This means that we are not responsible of any purchase as a direct direct payment to a webshop or any other third party. In this case buyBTCnow reserves the right to block the transaction and charge you any costs incurred with a maximum of EUR 250 per occasion.
  7. You, as a natural person are only allowed by law (AML, CFT) to buy a limited amount of bitcoin per month. Although his amount may vary per jurisdiction (or even per state), generally the purchase should not exceed EUR 250 (or equivalent) per month. Every next transaction of you in that month will be recorded, deducted and displayed as your remaining amount of that month of your jurisdiction. If you doubt you monthly local limit, please check support or your local legislation about this.
  8. If you, as a natural person, somehow try to purchase more bitcoin than your local limit (as stated at point 7) allows you to, by making use of other accounts, proxies or anything else that hides your true identity, we will have the right to block that account and keep these funds in custody until you are able to prove your true identity according to our KYC (Know Your Customer) procedures.
  9. Since we only sell bitcoin, sales cannot be returned or reversed. If you wish to abandon your purchase you can sell the bitcoin to any 3rd party exchanger. We are not liable for any cost this might incur.
  10. We assume that we sell to private consumers and therefore we do not provide any invoice, apart from your credit card slip and your online transaction history. All transactions are excluded from any value added tax. (VAT)
  11. You are at least 18 years of age.
  12. The secure storage of your bitcoin is your own responsibility. Advice given by buyBTCnow is purely informative and does not offer any guarantees.
  13. After pasting your bitcoin destination wallet address (be very careful about this) in the required field of buyBTCnow, the process of sale will be irreversible for both you and and us, which means that if you somehow entered a wrong destination address, your bitcoin funds will be irrevocably lost. Since we cannot be liable for this, we ask you to to agree separately that you are aware that you entered the right address, and that you understand that this transaction cannot be undone. These separately agreed terms are an integral part of the Terms and Conditions as described in this document.
  14. In the case of suspected fraud or abuse, buyBTCnow reserves the rights to suspend transactions until the legitimacy of the transactions and you have been verified. This and verification of you, following our KYC procedure might take up to, but limited to 14 working days.
  15. Safety of your funds. Since buyBTCnow does not store any bitcoins of its clients, the funds of the client are safe.

Safety of funds

Clients funds

The client should not lose his funds, not by by the merchant-exchanger, the hacker or his own clumsiness. Since buyBTCnow does not store any funds of its clients, the funds of the client are safe. While entering the btc address, the Secured connection prevents a hacker to change addresses entered by the client. BuyBTCnow protects its client for possible clumsiness by checking the checksum of the address and by having a separate confirmation on the correctness of the entered btc address by this client.

Exchanger’s FIAT funds

The exchanger should also not lose his funds. This would disable the exchanger to buy it’s bitcoins with FIAT on the exchange markets and would thus lead to a possible malfunction of service.

FIAT funds are safely stored at the acquirer. Since the exchanger does not hold any funds as tokens of its clients longer than 1 hour, it should not be very prone for theft.

Exchanger’s crypto funds

All transactions are stored in separate addresses and according to our cold wallet procedures. It would be bad for the exchanger to lose its crypto funds by fraud or neglect, but no funds of clients can or will be touched, since the exchanger doesn't store any client’s crypto funds. It will only lead to a temporary outage of service.


This section contains all procedures. All anomalies which don’t fit in these procedures, will be manually executed by our support team to be reached 24/7 by email support@buyBTCnow.com, or in emergency by calling +372 660 0128 (only working time CET) .

Dispute policy

Once you have entered your bitcoin wallet address and hit the buy button, you initiated the immediate transfer of bitcoin funds to you which cannot be reversed. If you have a dispute about not having received you bitcoin funds within 24 hours after initiation, our dispute policy activates.

  1. Check the delivery status of your bitcoin transaction by copying and pasting your crypto-address on one of the blockchain websites or here if you want to verify more cryptocurrencies.
  2. Verify your bitcoin address with your intended wallet address.
  3. Verify your credit or debit card payment with your bank.
  4. Mail 24/7 support@buyBTCnow.com containing your account name and BTC wallet address, that you entered as your destination address for your funds.
  5. Your support manager will track your payment and your delivery status of your bitcoin funds. There are 5 dispute states defined of the automated bitcoin buying process:.
  1. You have paid and you have received bitcoin funds, verified by your support manager, but didn't get enough bitcoin funds
  2. You have paid and you have received bitcoin funds, verified by your support manager, but this was not allowed by local laws, authorities or guidelines.
  3. Your payment is declined or somehow stopped, and you didn't receive you bitcoin funds
  4. Your payment is accepted, but you did not receive bitcoin funds in that address within 24 hours after initiation.
  5. Your payment is declined or charged back and you did receive your bitcoin funds in that address within 24 hours after initiation.

Since all processes are fully transparent and thus verifiable, 99% of all disputes are solved successfully for Client and company. In case of anomalies, Client or company could start a complaint process.

Complaint policy

If the Dispute policy has been finished in all steps but the dispute is still unsolved, then the Complaint policy activates. You will be contacted by, or you can contact our Licensed Representative. This person is only responsible for Local Licensing, Authorities and Complaints. He/she has a juridical status and can be contacted during working hours of CET timezone. Your support manager will disclose the Licensed Representatives email, after having finished all steps of the Dispute Policy.

Privacy and personal identification


The exchanger does not hold any personal or financial data if the client doesn't want to. Personal data required to charge the credit card is filled out in the exchanger, but actually only stored at the PSP servers. Since no KYC is required for this limites exchange service, by default the exchanger only knows and stores:

  1. Client’s bitcoin wallet address
  2. Deposit amounts and time stamps of these transactions
  3. Information that comes with the way of signing up

For its convenience the client can choose to opt (and opt out) in for the exchanger to remember its personal data which are required every time for charging a credit card for each bitcoin purchase. In this opt in case the exchanger stores:

  1. Client’s bitcoin wallet address
  2. Deposit amounts and time stamps of these transactions
  3. Information that comes with the way of signing up
  4. Required fields by PSP to charge a credit card
Personal identification

No know your customer disclosure is required by the exchanger’s unique limits of funds. However, if the exchanger detects any suspension of fraud or abuse, a manual procedure of retrieving the client's personal identification will be initiated. After this inquiry the client will be cleared or blocked for further transactions.

  1. If the clients is cleared, the gathered information will be deleted.
  2. If the client is blocked, the gathered information will be shared with the PSP to block this client as well and the information about this client will be stored for 5 years.

For more information about privacy, please read the privacy statement here.

Jurisdictions and your responsiblity

Legal Restrictions: without limiting the undermentioned provisions, you understand that laws regarding financial contracts vary throughout the world, and If you are 18 years or older, you can purchase cryptocurrencies with your credit card or debit card using buyBTCnow. However. Every jurisdiction around the world can have its own laws, regulations or guidelines. It is your responsibility to make sure you properly comply with any law, regulation or guideline in your country of residence regarding the use of the Website. To avoid any doubt, the ability to access our Website does not necessarily mean that our Services and/or your activities through the Site are legal under the laws, regulations or directives relevant to your country of residence.

Applicable Law and Jurisdiction

The Agreement and all transactional relations between the Client and the Company shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Estonia and the Parties agree that all disputes shall be finally settled in the courts of Estonia.

Blocked countries

Please note that our services are currently unavailable in countries on the FATF list, as you can see here. In addition, our services are not currently available in the following countries:


Bosnia and Herzegovina





Korea, Democratic People’s Republic of

Lao People’s Democratic Republic

Sri Lanka


Syrian Arab Republic

Trinidad and Tobago







Anti-money laundering

buyBTCnow does not tolerate money laundering and supports the fight against money launderers. buyBTCnow follows the guidelines set by the UK’s Joint Money Laundering Steering Group. The UK is a full member of the Financial Action Task Force (FATF), the intergovernmental body whose purpose is to combat money laundering and terrorist financing.

buyBTCnow now has policies in place to deter people from laundering money. These policies include:

  • ensuring clients have valid proof of identification
  • maintaining records of identification information
  • determining that clients are not known or suspected terrorists by checking their names against lists of known or suspected terrorists
  • informing clients that the information they provide may be used to verify their identity
  • closely following clients’ money and cryptocurrency transactions
  • Not accepting cash, money orders, third party transactions, exchange houses transfers or Western Union transfers.

Money laundering occurs when funds from an illegal/criminal activity are moved through the financial system in such a way as to make it appear that the funds have come from legitimate sources.

Money Laundering usually follows three stages:

  • firstly, cash or cash equivalents are placed into the financial system
  • secondly, money is transferred or moved to other accounts (e.g. futures accounts) through a series of financial transactions designed to obscure the origin of the money (e.g. executing trades with little or no financial risk or transferring account balances to other accounts)
  • and finally, the funds are re-introduced into the economy so that the funds appear to have come from legitimate sources (e.g. closing a futures account and transferring the funds to a bank account).

Trading accounts are one vehicle that can be used to launder illicit funds or to hide the true owner of the funds. In particular, a trading account can be used to execute financial transactions that help obscure the origins of the funds.

buyBTCnow directs funds withdrawals back to the original source of remittance, as a preventative measure.

International Anti-Money Laundering requires financial services institutions to be aware of potential money laundering abuses that could occur in a customer account and implement a compliance program to deter, detect and report potential suspicious activity.

These guidelines have been implemented to protect buyBTCnow and its clients.

For questions/comments regarding these guidelines, please contact us at support@buyBTCnow.com.

KYC (Know Your Customer) Policy

Know your customer policies have become increasingly important worldwide lately, especially among banks and other financial institutions, in order to prevent identity theft, money laundering, financial fraud and terrorist activity.

buyBTCnow holds a zero tolerance fraud policy, and is taking all measures possible to prevent it. Any fraudulent activity will be documented and all related accounts to it will be immediately closed. All funds in these accounts will be forfeited.


buyBTCnow aims to ensure the integrity of any sensitive data it obtains, such as your account information and the transactions you make, using a variety of security measures and fraud controls. Securing your electronic transactions requires us to be provided with certain data from you, including your preferred deposit method.

When you deposit funds we will require the following documents:

  • A copy of your valid passport with the signature page
  • Copies of your credit cards, used to make the deposit (Front side with only the 4 last digits visible, back side with the CVV covered).
  • A copy of a recent utility bill in your name and address
  • A signed purchase history of your online transactions

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact our customer support: support@buyBTCnow.com

When do I need to provide these documents?

We highly appreciate you taking the time to provide us with all the necessary documents as soon as you can, in order to avoid any delays in processing your transactions. We require the receipt of all the necessary documents prior to making any cash transactions to your benefit.
Some circumstances may require us to request these documents before allowing any deposits to your account.
Please note that if we will not receive the required documents on file, your pending deposit will be cancelled. We will notify you on such event via our system.

How can I send you these documents?

Please scan your documents, or take a high quality digital camera picture, save the images as jpegs, then send it to us via mail to support@buybtcnow.com

How do I know my documents are safe with you?

buyBTCnow holds the security of documentation at highest priority, and treats all documents it receives with utmost respect and confidentiality. All files we obtain are fully protected using the highest level possible of encryption at every step of the review process.

We thank you for your cooperation in helping us make buyBTCnow a safer place to shop.